Pamela Morris & Memphis Shop

USA // Memphis



Pamela Armour & The Memphis Shop has been a mainstay and creative force behind one of Memphis’ original musical genres. With her highly successful, critically acclaimed debut album “Middle of a Miracle”, Armour has been recognized by the industry’s top critics and music executives. The Memphis Shop has continued expanding their borders with television appearances on The Stellar Awards, and Bobby Jones Gospel. All earmarked by awards and nominations that in- clude Soul Train’s Lady of Soul Award/Gospel Artist of the Year, and GMWA Excellence Award for Choir of the Year. The ministry has worked with trailblazers such as O’Landa Draper, Dorinda Clark Cole, John P. Kee, Dr. Bobby Jones and others. The Memphis Shop continues spreading the word of GOD through the rich, soulful outpouring of their musical ministry. Their vocals excite the ear, thrill the soul, electrify the spirit and stimulate the mind.

They say you should give people their flowers while they are yet living. I am not sure if there are enough flowers in this world to give to the strongest, boldest and most committed woman in this world, my mother. She is truly the God-given gift that has made sure that the iAMradio Empowerment Breakfast had what it needed to go forth in excellence. I want to thank her, for sowing endless seeds into this event, my life and even those who are connected to me. I want to honor her for trusting God, and being an example of what God can and will do as you seek Him for everything. I’m grateful that she still is my back-bone and the fundraising school mom. She usually don’t ask, but just speaks what she wants and it its given to her. Its given because she is a giver, doer and supporter to some many. The more I look into the mirror past my surface, I see her…I am her…I am better because of her.


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