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PeachTree Consultants, LLC is a multifaceted consultant firm, and parent company to I-Am-Radio.com which is a 24-hour Christian Internet Radio Station with cutting-edge spiritual principles to reach the world via the internet. Committed to bringing the most innovative ways to you worldwide, I-Am-Radio.com identifies and intermingles with its listeners on a global format. Its multi-cultural programming allows its listeners to experience the world through music, talk shows and biblical word-based messages that will educate, enhance and employ their minds as well as their spirits.

Beatrice Haywood fondly known to everyone as Sistah Peaches is a native of Washington, DC, and the Station Owner of I-Am-Radio.com. With over 20 years of media and 30 years of administration and music ministry experience, Sistah Peaches has ventured out to become a renaissance woman. As a promoter, her passion to see indie artists succeed in the music industry has been her desire and motivation. Out of this desire, I-Am-Radio.com was birthed in June 2010 to provide indie and new artists with an even platform to be heard and seen while providing quality programming to meet its listeners’ needs for Christian Living.

I-Am-Radio.com is the hub that provides quality programming and its advertising medium. I-Am-Radio.com, Christian community page at www.gospelboxx.com is created to promote businesses, ministries, non-profit organizations, and/or services for an affordable price. I-Am-Radio.com features a premium platform at www.revue lounge.com for both Gospel and Christian Contemporary artists’ videos, music and poetry that can be commented on and reviewed by its listeners. I-Am-Radio.com has a panel of dedicated music industry executives that will give each artist constructive criticism on videos and/or weekly showcases to help with their imaging, vocal ability and quality of music as an artist with a listenership of 13,000.

After only three months of I-Am-Radio.com re-launch in September 2011, the station was selected to be on the Stellar Awards ballot as a nominee for Internet Radio Station of the Year 2012. Even though the station didn’t make the top four finalists, the Station Owner and Staff embraced this opportunity to host their first radio station event during the Stellar Awards weekend in Nashville, Tennessee at the host hotel – Nashville Airport Marriott Hotel. The iAMradio Empowerment Breakfast and Revue Lounge Artist Showcase left an impression on the industry power players and artists who attended the event with great expectation for future events being sponsored by I-Am-Radio.com being done in excellence on behalf of the radio station, its partners, sponsors and volunteers.

This event is designed to propel independent artists and companies to a platform that is profitable for a global outreach. This is an exclusive RSVP event consisting of industry executives, radio announcers, program directors and representatives of organizations that deal with the various music awards shows. There is media coverage from print, radio, and television in attendance to interview artists, music industry representatives and sponsors of event. We incorporate industry talk by several influential music industry executives with a dynamic artist showcase that will definitely leave a positive impact on all that will be in attendance. We also pay tribute to tenured radio announcers and deliver a word of empowerment to unify, build and edify the industry as a whole.

In May 2012, Sistah Peaches was asked by the Stellar Awards committee to sanction the iAMradio Empowerment Breakfast for 2013. The committee shared the value of its impact that is has made among fellow colleagues in the music industry and artists as a whole, and wanted this event to be a noted part of its itinerary for the 2013 Stellar Awards festivities. Every year since, this event has been filled with new anointed and innovative independent artists just by word of mouth.

The Stellar Award Nominee Internet Radio Station of the Year for 2012, 2013, and 2014 had gain notoriety. The event went from 97 confirmed radio announcers in 2012 with total of225 attendees to 195 confirmed radio announcers with a total of 300 attendees in 2013. On January 17, 2014, we held our 3rd iAMradio Empowerment Breakfast with 227 confirmed radio announcers with a total of 500 attendees in 2014. In March 2015, the venue was change to Las Vegas and the event still maintained a VIP list of power players and a dynamic showcase of artists. Even with other VIP events simultaneously going on, other industry executives and media outlets came through to pay their respects to Sistah Peaches and the participants throughout the event. I-Am-Radio.com became a final four for the 2015 Stellar Awards Internet Radio Station of the Year.

Sistah Peaches’ vision to make I-Am-Radio.com a one-stop shop for its listeners has never been seen on this level of excellence in Christian Internet Radio Station broadcasting. I-Am-Radio.com is created visually with a full custom designed website for the distinct purpose of community awareness and meeting the economic needs of its listeners to succeed in their various aspects of life. I-Am-Radio.com Station Owner, Sistah Peaches plans to make internet radio the wave of TODAY and not the future, provokes her to be a driving force to be reckoned in this technological age.

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