The Performing Arts Collaborative Group of the Washington, DC Metropolitan area was birthed out of the need for musical and professional creatives to receive coaching, training, and performing opportunities to enable them to accel in their prospective area within the fine arts.

We believe that to be effective as coaches, we must be at work in our own lives and doing our own personal work.  For this reason, participants work with their own coach throughout the year to look at their own filters and biases, and to remove any barriers that might be in the way of them connecting authentically with another human being.  This is also why all the coaches and leaders involved in our coaching program must have their own coaches, be at work in their own lives, and successfully moving their own projects forward.

Our training program consists of vocal training, basic music literacy, and business ethics.  These training sessions will be scheduled throughout the year via workshop and seminar group settings to build confidence, increase knowledge, produce stamina and create a presence during the performance.

Performing opportunities are offered to our members through various local, regional, national, and global events in affiliations with The Gospel Industry Network, Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) Alliance, Strategic Music Partnerships (SMP), Stellar Awards Gospel Music Academy (SAGMA), Gospel Music Association (GMA) and other entertainment entities affiliated with both PeachTree Enterprises and the Performing Arts Collaborative Group.

We strive to bring diversity in music, dance, poetry, and various creative groups within our organization. We work to bring harmonious social gatherings, events, and special occasions to promote creatives and professionals within the Entertainment Industry.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at

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