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Trice Whitley fondly known to everyone as Sistah Peaches, is a native of Washington, DC. With over 20 years of media and 30 years of administration and music ministry experience, Sistah Peaches has ventured out to become a renaissance woman. As a promoter, her passion to see indie artists succeed in the music industry has been her desire and motivation. Out of this desire, was birthed in June 2010 to provide indie and new artists with an even platform to be heard and seen while providing quality programming to meet its listeners’ needs for Christian Living.

WENDY, was raised in Detroit Michigan during one of the greatest music revolutions the world has ever witnessed, the Motown era. This is where she developed a deep-rooted passion for entertainment.

Wendy moved to Philadelphia, PA in the 1980’s and started working on making her dreams reality. This is when Evergreen Productions was started. She booked the top 40 band, Bits & Pieces at clubs, hotels and casinos throughout the Eastern Atlantic Coast. In 1991 , she moved to San Diego, CA, here she developed T. Dorsey Enterprises, LLC into a network for developing and established artists while the company maintained its production and management status. Wendy was the personal manager for the Grammy & Stellar Award Winner and Gospel Legend, Michael A. Cook best known as the tenor/falsetto voice from the “Mighty Clouds of Joy”, Nickelodeon TV & Diamond Star Entertainment president, Willie “Big Willie G” Green. This company’s repertoire has been full of up and coming artists as well as award winning artists, Jermaine Mickey formally of the R&B group, II The Extreme. Currently Jazz Pianist and co-owner of D&D Music Group Records, Derek Dabbs of New Orleans, LA, Psalmist 1 st Lady Leah Oduro -Kwarten of Chicago, IL, Owner, of WUIM 92.1 internet radio, and VP of D&D Music Group Records.

Darrin L. Harris is former Senior/Founding Pastor of Freedom Fellowship Ministries United Church of Christ, CEO of Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc., CEO Ekhaya Music Group and CEO Darrin L. Harris Professional Coaching Services, LLC. As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, he is well versed and equipped in assisting leaders in becoming great leaders. After a life-changing mission to Africa in 2007, Darrin L. Harris began the Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. a nonprofit that serves and supports youth and their families. In 2010 Ekhaya Youth Project was awarded a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and Peyton Manning’s PeyBack Foundation to implement an antiviolence/mentoring initiative for at-risk youth in the Greater New Orleans community. Ekhaya Youth Project has been able to provide youth Independent Living Skills Building and mental health/substance abuse support services to over 2000 youth and families throughout 64 parishes in the state of Louisiana. In 2018 Darrin retired as a disabled veteran but still continues to serve and assist other nonprofits start-ups, conducts public speaking seminars/engagements, and volunteers as a veteran peer advocate.

Leesha Archie, is a mother, media influencer, and motivator making waves in cities across the U.S. She is a 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry and Founder and CEO of Leesha Archie Enterprises, LLC; home of The REAL U. Leesha Archie Enterprises, LLC. (LAELLC) is a well-known brand for creative programming for organizations with a social cause. REAL stands for Restoration, Elevation, Affirmation, and Liberation.

Music has always been an integral part of Kantrice’s life. It started at the age of 11 years old, with her singing in the youth choir at church. Soon thereafter, she began singing with a community choir in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, where she also began choir directing at the age of 15, with the local chapter of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, founded by Dr. Thomas A Dorsey. Kantrice always found herself drawn to “spinning the music” at family events and other functions. She’s also had the great opportunity to travel the United States, singing with several church and community aggregations based out of Cleveland, OH, and Atlanta, GA. The prominence of internet radio has afforded Kantrice the opportunity to continue to grow in spreading “The Good News” with her love of Gospel music, and in sharing inspiration messages to her listeners, as a radio host in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Lady Lynn a native of Chicago, Illinois and a Veteran of the United States Navy; November 19, 2021 she will celebrate 10 years in the Radio Station Industry.

Lady Lynn is the Former Station Manager and Radio Personality of WBCP Radio 1580 AM where she took the station to the Final Ballot of 2017 Stellar Awards in the Small Market category. She is the winner of several awards from The Spin Awards, Music Love Awards, and Showtime Entertainment Gospel Awards. She currently owns her own station WLTJ Total Inspiration Radio and is an Official Board Member and Radio Personality on WEFT 90.1 FM Champaign, Illinois.

YAHsir Yosef is a Counsellor trained in the area of intimate union. He is also an Inspirational Speaker who tends to present a practical outlook on spiritual matters. This humble and gentle being is also skilled in music as a Song Writer, Performer, Drummer, and Bass Producer. After years of avoiding and denying the purpose of his life, he was given. YAHsir Yosef submitted to fulfill his purpose as a mouthpiece of the GREAT I AM by bringing clarity to misconceptions through the decoding of the scriptures.

Deacon Authority’s mantra is, “Stay salty.” But don’t take that to mean he wants you angry, irritated, or upset. Certainly, that’s not how the Christian hip-hop artist Cedric Hester, known as Deacon Authority or simply “DA,” moves. In contrast, he’s an encourager who simply chooses to remind Jesus’s followers of their Matthew 5:13 call to influence and make a difference: “You are the salt of the earth…”

As founder and CEO of MG (Mighty God) Music Group, Deacon Authority dedicates his time to writing and producing music for a number of artists as well as himself. He also performs with several of the artists at churches, amphitheaters, and a variety of other venues up and down the East Coast. The door was even opened for them to share their hip-hop gospel message in the UK in 2019.

Judea, born and raised in Roxboro N.C. Judea grew up around music all his life. His musical roots began in New Mt Zion Church where he attended with his mother and father. Judea enjoys several different genres of music but his love for Hip Hop started his music career. As Co-Founder of MG Music Group, Judea writes, produces, and performs music as an independent artists and for other upcoming artists.


As a sponsor and supporter, iAMradio provides a team of hardworking spirit filled individuals.  There is a cohesiveness that makes this station great.

Mark Jenner

Music Executive, NYC

Its a joy to experience the diversity in iAMradio’s programming format and the new radio host that grace the mic each day/week.


Melandie Ralf

Music Director, Canada

Loving the energy that comes across the airways from each on-air personalities. Its contagious!  They introduce new artists to a major platform to further their careers and spread the gospel.

Emilio State

Producer, Australia

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